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*schmollmund mach*

and somewhere in this tiny world
you will wake up soon
I am already on the road again
and keep thinking of you

the morning light greets me
disappointment runs through my veins
I wonder where you are
and if you ever think of me

I send my yearning and doubts
I hate that I embrace this loneliness

Each night I fall asleep alone
Each day I wake up on my own
and somewhere in this lonely world
you wake up too, all on your own

erase these painful hours of need
and come to me, just stay with me
don't you know I've been searching for you
wherever I looked, wherever I could

these eyes I never see again
Your hands that never hold my frame
my heart which roams confusingly
and screams at you so endlessly

And never did I find you again
as if you're invisible in the shadows
that are haunting me, surpressing me
as if you're the water in which I'm drowning
you cut me open with your darkest seas

the morning sun comforts me
and give me light, though I still can't see
I still cannot let you be
I still cannot let go of thee

and set myself free,
with every breath, you're killing me.
6.7.09 18:23


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